iSupport Program

iSupport Program

iSupport is the sole program in the MENA region to serve as an integrated training and support package which fully assists the development of school educational and administrative staff throughout the entire academic year.

Educational Trainings

Providing specialized trainings of e-learning teaching techniques, including how to utilize the sum of tools and features, as well as different search methodologies, for educational resources and benefits.

IT Training

We guarantee secure, problem-free and stable school systems, as well as provide and handle the most up-to-date technological devices.

Administrative Training

Raise the school’s managerial and operational momentum by receiving a unique set of administrative guidelines, support materials and trainings.

User Guideline

Employees, teachers, students and parents can gain access to a detailed, visual, and user-friendly guideline, to instruct on functionality uses and any required information.

Live Technical Support

A free hot line and full-time instant support will ensure assistance in operative customizations and executions.