Every day of teaching would be every awesome teacher’s dream come true. Without the love and passion for educating others, and the motive to see kids morph into intellectually stimulated beings, nothing would be worth a day in a classroom. So how can you be on the Awesome Teacher’s list? Our educational experts have


Let your child grow their own wings We all look forward to seeing our kids grow into healthy, independent individuals. To do so, give space for your child to carry out things on their own as long as they know how. For example, let your children tidy up their rooms on their own, dress themselves,

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As teachers, we want to see our students’ eyes brighten with new knowledge and enlightenment in a fun, disciplined classroom. Yet, many common classroom management mistakes happen and it may take you some time to learn how to achieve an efficient learning environment. You might have spent days and nights planning lessons and activities, and


Parents are their kids’ role models. Kids are always watching and listening to their parents, and are applying what they learn from them in their own behaviors. One of the main parts of discipline that every parent should take care of is learning how to talk to their kids. The way you talk affects your

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  When you are all grown up and wish you could go back in time to be in that particular school, this is when you know this school is awesome.   We’ve gathered the best traits that make up an awesome school for you. Feel free to suggest your favorites in the comments section below!


School Principals have a significant duty in shaping a successfully enriching school environment for all teachers and students. Here’s our insider’s advice on how school principals can communicate effectively with staff, faculty and students.   School Newsletters: A newsletter is a great tool of communication that engages parents, and even faculty and students, in the


  Have you ever asked yourself who your role model is? Not surprisingly, your mind will probably contemplate your parents before skimming through other options. Why is that so? Well, at the beginning of our lifespans, the first ever individuals we get to meet are our parents. Most of our childhoods echo with what we

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  Aristotle once said, “When we do good things, we become good people.” As teachers we have the responsibility of not only bringing academic knowledge to our students, but also shaping them into the best versions of themselves. Throughout the centuries, many educational movements have set on the mission of developing the best character education


  Here’s our special guide to failing your exam – which you should NOT follow. Sometimes students enter the down spiral of studying the wrong way. Many students may spend countless hours studying, reading books, and researching, yet still find themselves receiving low grades. We’ve gathered a list of ineffective studying techniques that will give you a

LMS Advantages for Parents

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Parents can gain quick access to learn about the school’s educational provisions and their children’s performances.

LMS Advantages for Students

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Students can enjoy asking questions, answering and engaging with each other. A dynamic environment of cooperative learning and team work evolves.

LMS Advantages for Teachers

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Teachers are inspired to upload learning tools and curricula for students. They can easily monitor the students and evaluate their progress on an online basis.